E QK room


まんがエッセイ1月 三週 Manga Essay Jan,no.3


Euro reminds me of an eel.
Tora reminds me of a piece of firewood.
Bun reminds me of...something...that thing...
The rock !


Above all those troubles they cause us..
( the chewed pencils, tangled yarn ,torn wallpaper..etc..)
there are twinkling moments to make you forgive ( or give up ).

When she becomes my scarf on my neck.
and walks slinky with her tale rolled to my leg
or comes suddenly from the back and puts her cheeks on mine.

All the trouble melts away like lemon drops as Julie sings.


Euro likes bath.
With her eyes wide bulging open, she waits for the bath time.

for the special bathing powder,
she was so excited.
and couldn't resist fish the hand sticking out of the foggy pond.

but all of a sudden, she quenches her throat with her hand
- like all posh cats would do.

And that is enough bath for her today.


Tora was rescued with her brother in a pouring rain
under my old house one night.
While her beautiful mother was carrying her another sister to the dry and safe place.

washed and fed, tackled in her cardboard box with her brother
but she wasn't taken.
( and I thanked her mother for letting me have her
because I fell in love with her and begged in my mind )

Since she was fed from the bottle,
she cannot get over with anything that is silicon

and weird craving for the glue of the plastic envelope.

weird cat saves the world every day.