E QK room


まんがエッセイ1月 四週 Manga Essay Jan,no.4


The little one gets the baby shine
( Tora I had been in that place for long time ! )
( just cannot stand it !!! -Euro says)


The sound they hate.

Euro jumps at the sound of the rubbing of the cardboards.
Tora yells at the sound of the spray from a bottle.
And Bun was fighting against the hoover the other day.
And that reminded me of my dog.

Hop hated that sound and protested me by taking out the books from the shelf.

Could that cat reincarnation of Hop ?

.....I think I just hear Hop taking out the books from the heaven's shelf.


The weather report warned us it will be the coldest night in the season.

Prepared with my warmest pj's and 2 fury warmers.

But warmer no.2 was called by nature.
the servant(me) had to clean that, and minute I was out of the bed, my feet became icicles.
And the warmers were out of the bed-cats fight

Jumped back in cold bed and my sleeves and pants were all rolled up
and the huge paper weights came upon me and could not move.

Cold night it was.